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Wedding Planning in Austin and Dripping Springs


Why choose us?

Here at Blush Events Austin we LOVE weddings are always striving to be up on the latest trands for weddings by attending workshops, networking with other planners and wedding industry insiders and being in touch with whatever is new and exciting in the wedding industry. We only accept one wedding per day, in order to give our brides our full attention, and so that we can orchestrate all the details that will make your wedding a cut above the rest. 

When should I hire a wedding planner?

As soon as you are engaged and beginning the wedding planning process. It may seem overwhelming at first, when you think about how much work there is to be done in planning your dream wedding. Your planner can steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the right wedding and reception venue, helping you choose a reliable and trustworthy DJ, caterer, florist and bakery from a preferred vendor list, and put your mind at ease at a time when you should be focusing on enjoying your newly engaged status. 

Why did you become a wedding planner?

We are as excited as you are about your upcoming wedding! Planning weddings is such a joyful, fulfilling and creative experience. Being in contact and working with brides and their families is something that we cherish. We feel truly honored and priviledged to be chosen to be a part of this once in a lifetime experience. 

Why do I need a wedding planner?

 You have found the perfect gown and you have booked a top-notch venue; all the details are falling into place. The flowers are ordered, the musicians are ready and you have booked an awesome honeymoon. Now what? Now it’s time to start thinking about who is going to pull it all together for you. You, your fiance, the bridal party and all your family and guests should be focusing on having a great time at that top-notch venue you booked. That is where the planner comes in. Ask yourself these questions: How much time do I want my family or bridal party to spend on my wedding day running the show? How  much is it worth for me to have the wedding of my dreams? What is it worth for me to have a stress-free day? How much time do I really have? It can take 80+ hours to plan and execute a wedding and that’s not counting the 8-10 hours on the wedding day. When you consider drive time, meetings with brides and venues, phoning and emails, trips to pick up decor, booking hotel rooms and transportation, putting together and delivering welcome baskets, overseeing the rehearsal, developing a detailed timeline, making sure the decor is just as the bride wishes, managing the loading and unloading of vendors and caterers and clean-up afterwards, having a wedding planner is not a luxury, it is a necessity! 

A word about using on-site coordinators included by the venues: beware, it is not exactly the same. Identify what your needs will be on your wedding day and exactly what the on-site person can and will do for you!